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WordPress 3.0 released

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WordPress 3.0, the most awaited version of this great content publishing platform has now been released. This has been launched just a few moments ago and its a pleasure for me to be one of the first to write about it and spread the news.

WordPress 3.0 has been the most anticipated and awaited versions of WordPress and it has so many new and interesting features which will make blogging experience with wordpress more intuitive and easy. There has been so much of talk about the features of wordpress 3.0 that it is absolutely no secret. Bloggers have been impatiently waiting for this version to release. However it would be worth to mention the features of WordPress 3.0 once again. So here we go:

WordPress 3.0 Features

  • Merge of WordPress MU + WordPress.org

People who don’t know what is wordpress MU, WordPress MU is a similar platform to WordPress except it allows you to run multiple sites under one installation. WordPress.com is running on WordPress MU code base. Matt Mullenweg announced the merge news during WordCamp San Francisco 2009. After a year of hard work, Automattic staff and WordPress core developers finally did it.

Benefits of WordPress MU

you can multiple site in one installation. For example, we can have portfolio.shoutingwords.com along with our existing shoutingwords.com with one installation. This is completely at user’s discretion.

Domain Mapping — If you are a WordPress MU user, or if you have used WordPress.com in the past, you know that there is a way to have top level domains for your network sites. WordPress.com allows users to upgrade their subdomains to a custom domain. This feature will NOT be included in the core. You can still use the plugin to make it work.

Cross Network Search — If you do decide to have numerous sites under one install, cross network search is not a built-in feature. It may become a core feature in the future, but in WordPress 3.0 this will not be possible. Although you can still use the plugin to make it work.

grey Wordpress 3.0 released

Wordpress 3.0 Network Settings

  • Custom Post Types

During the release of WordPress 2.9, there was a lot of hype about this feature but unfortunately it could not make it with version 2.9 but now it has been included into the WordPress 3.0. This feature will allow you to have different type of posts for example Portfolio listings, Products, and then Normal posts.

Note: This feature is not to replace the use of categories. You should still use categories. This feature will allow a different way of sorting/display and enable other CMS options in WordPress.

  • Custom Navigation Menus

WordPress 3.0 has better menu management. Custom Woo Navigation from Woothemes has been included into WordPress 3.0 core to provide better menu management functionality. The WordPress 3.0 menu manager has drag and drop ease of the widget management screen and it could combine Pages, Categories, and Links. It also allows the ability of re-ordering, along with submenus, and hiding specific Pages or Categories from the menu altogether.

grey Wordpress 3.0 released

Custom Menu Manager

  • New Default Theme 2010

The time to say good bye to the default kubrick theme has arrived. With WordPress 3.0, there is a new default theme called 2010 which has Custom header, Custom Background, Clean Design, Multiple Widget Areas, Cascading Menus and a lot more.

grey Wordpress 3.0 released

Wordpress 2010 Theme

  • Custom Background Support

WordPress 3.0 gives the flexibility of adding custom background. Support for custom background can be called by adding this line in your functions.php:


After adding above code in your theme’s functions.php, you will see a screen in your admin panel that will let you upload a custom background image which will replace the default grey background.

  • Author Specific Templates

WordPress 2.9 introduced an option which allowed designers to create category templates using the slug, for example category-slug.php. In WordPress 3.0, it becomes possible to create specific templates for each author. The function get_author_template(); has been expanded in wp-includes/theme.php. With WordPress 3.0, you can also give your author template files, the names of your author like author-jitendra.php.

  • No more default admin User Name

With earlier versions of wordpress, you had to live with the default user name of admin which was given by WordPress during the installation. This was a big security threat as hackers could easily target a WordPress site. Now with WordPress 3.0, it would not be easy for hackers to guess the admin user name as you can choose your user name during the installation of WordPress 3.0. This brings more security with WordPress 3.0.

  • Welcome Guide in Every Installation

All the past versions of WordPress never has a welcome guide which is a crucial part of every software. This was specially required for new users who are using WordPress for the first time. This was raised in the WordPress forums as well on several occasions. WordPress team has now come up with a Welcome guide in WordPress 3.0 to guide new users.

  • Canonical Plugins

It has happened with me many a times while using WordPress plugins when I found that author of a plugin has stopped providing support for the plugin because of which I had to either live with outdated version of the plugin not compatible with the installed version of WordPress or to quit using that plugin. With WordPress 3.0, the automattic team is uniting plugin authors to come up with canonical plugins. These plugins are developed by a community instead of one developer, so if one person steps down, the plugin does not die.

WordPress 3.0 Video Tour

Download WordPress 3.0

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Lucian Apostol June 18, 2010 at 2:24 AM

It is finally here. let’s hope the new features will be used a lot by the people who continuosly said that you have no admin panel control over menus.


jitendra June 18, 2010 at 11:57 AM

Hi Lucian,
Welcome to SW! Yes, WP 3.0 will indeed change the perception and views of many people…

Keep visiting! :)


SQL training July 20, 2010 at 5:15 PM

Wordpress 3 has a lot of new features but I hardly do use the new features


kanna October 16, 2010 at 12:31 AM

I use this wordpress new features Thanks


jitendra October 17, 2010 at 12:22 AM

The new features of WordPress are great and it is making it even more popular… :)


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