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WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 is available for download

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Finally after a long long wait, you can get your hands dirty testing the beta version of WordPress which has been release yesterday. This is a Beta version and hence it is meant for testers only. If you are a beta tester or you would like to test it anyway to find out the features, Go for it, download and test the new set of features available with this much anticipated version of WordPress. However since it is a Beta version, I would strongly recommend not to test it on any live site. you can test it out on your local system which will ensure that your perfectly running online site is not affected by any bug which may be there in the Beta version.

grey Wordpress 3.0 Beta 1 is available for download

WordPress 3.0 was much anticipated because of some very good features as listed below:

  • A new default theme Twenty Ten which has options to set custom background and header. No more that same old boring default theme of wordpress
  • The custom post type functionality which will enable you to create custom posts such as Podcasts, Videos, Chats and Quotes
  • The merge of WordPress and WordPress MU which will make it possible to run multiple sites on single installation of WordPress.

Before testing this release of WordPress, Please make sure that you are aware about following as mentioned on the WordPress Blog:

  • The custom menus system (Appearance > Menus) is not quite finished. In Beta 2, the layout will be different and a bunch of the functionality will be improved, but we didn’t want to hold things up for this one screen. You can play with making custom menus, and report bugs if you find them, but this is not how the final screen will look/work, so don’t get attached to it.
  • The merge! Yes, WordPress and WordPress MU have merged. This does not mean that you can suddenly start adding a bunch of new blogs from within your regular WordPress Dashboard. If you’re interested in testing the Super Admin stuff associated with multiple sites, you’ll need some simple directions to get started.
  • We’re still fiddling with a few small things in the UI, as we were focused on getting the more function-oriented code finished first. For example, we’re getting a new icon for the Super Admin section.

You can download WordPress 3.0 Beta 1 from here. I have still not download my copy for testing since i wanted to share it with all of you first as soon as I heard the news. I will be testing this release and will share my experience with you but at the same time, I am very interested to know your experience with this new release of WordPress.

Do let us know your experience through the comments form below.

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