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3 Apps Any Whiskey Fan Would Love

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grey 3 Apps Any Whiskey Fan Would Love

I’m a whiskey drinker. Jack and Coke is my go-to drink when I’m out, mostly because I like it and I can afford it.

When I’m visiting my uncle in England, we drink Scotch: Glenlivet. I’m no expert, but I have to say, if it’s a choice between whiskey and almost any other drink, I’ll have the whiskey. (Scotch distillers spell it “whisky” without an “e,” by the way.)

I’m also a lover of my smartphone and the marvelous invention that is the App Store. So I was thinking, why not pair my two interests … and I found three apps all whiskey drinkers need to have on their phones.

1. WhiskyCast

Did you know that there is an entire webcast series dedicated to whiskey? Yup. I’ll drink to that. (For some reason, they spell it the foreign way; don’t ask.)

The WhiskyCast app allows you to pull up different episodes and search by whiskey brand so you can find what you need. The episodes are mostly reviews, but the app also comes with an events list that links to the main WhiskyCast website. It’s great for trying out new whiskeys and impressing your whiskey-loving friends.

Another perk? It’s totally free because they have a pretty good distillery sponsorship.

2. Connosr

This app is a pretty fun one, because it brings in a social media aspect to your whiskey drinking. The app is paired with Google Maps, so when you select a brand, you get a map of the region from which your booze hails.

The app allows you to read and post reviews of each brand, it shows whiskey-themed events, and it has open discussion boards. The app is particularly useful because it works quickly: if you’re in a bar and need to make a choice, you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

3. iDistillery

For those of us who are interested not only in the taste and quality of a particular whiskey, but history of the beverage and information on how our precious elixir gets from a whiskey still to a tumbler with some Coke, this app is for you.

It’s got information on Scotch, with more than 127 distilleries in its database. It’s the perfect Scottish travel companion; forget information on politics, castles, or the invention of golf. When you go to Scotland, it’s all about the Scotch!

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