WordPress 3.7 release brings automatic updates, better search and other core enhancements

WordPress 3.7

WordPress is a constantly evolving landscape. The reason WordPress is so popular and the de-facto tool for creating an awesome site is their constant innovation to bring more power, security and flexibility to the software. The latest is release of WordPress 3.7 code named “Basie” in honor of Count Basie, which brings many new and path breaking features to the core. These new features are sure going to make WordPress better. Also this version has the fastest turnaround for release of new version in WordPress history. The […]

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HostGator Anniversary Sale – Get 50 Percent Discount and Cheap Domains

HostGator Anniversary Sale Thumbnail

If you have followed my blog, you would know that I have covered HostGator a lot and have posted about their discount offers. HostGator is a good and reliable shared hosting provider which is ideal for hosting small to medium traffic website. With the support for all the latest technologies, superior up-time and award winning support, its an obvious choice for your web hosting requirements. HostGator is known for crazy deals and discounts that they offer on special occasions. We have already covered some of […]

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BBM for Android and iPhone is now available to download

BBM for Android and iPhone Thumbnail

It was a much hyped news a couple of weeks ago when Blackberry decided to launch their Blackberry Messenger (BBM) app for users of Android and iPhone. Earlier BBM was available only to people using Blackberry devices and with this move Blackberry wanted to bring back the loyal BBM users to its messaging platform. However we all know what happened next, when Blackberry had to cancel the plan of launch due to technical difficulties and it was officially confirmed by Blackberry that they would launch […]

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Google shared endorsements – What is it and how to opt out?

Google Terms of Service update

On 11th October, 2013, Google introduced update to the terms of service of using Google products. This update brought changes to how Google would use your profile name and photo for presenting ads and relevant content to other users. What is Shared Endorsements? There are three changes introduced with this TOS update but the most important is what Google calls Shared Endorsements. With this update, Google would use your activity (such as reviews, +1’s, follows, shares, etc.) along with your name and photo in commercial […]

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Best Mobile Apps for Travelers

Mobile Apps for Travellers

The development in mobile applications has made communication easier for people who travel often. With the mobile apps, travelers can now easily communicate with their business partners, friends and families. TripIt For travelers using the air transport, TripIt is an ideal mobile app that helps to track miles covered. It then sends the alerts if there are delays in your flight. You can forward emails from other companies like hotel and bus companies. This will then get organized into one itinerary for your travel. AMetro This […]

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3 Apps Any Whiskey Fan Would Love

I’m a whiskey drinker. Jack and Coke is my go-to drink when I’m out, mostly because I like it and I can afford it. When I’m visiting my uncle in England, we drink Scotch: Glenlivet. I’m no expert, but I have to say, if it’s a choice between whiskey and almost any other drink, I’ll have the whiskey. (Scotch distillers spell it “whisky” without an “e,” by the way.) I’m also a lover of my smartphone and the marvelous invention that is the App Store. […]

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3 Tips to Jump-Start Your Plasma Cutter Business

The plasma cutting business has never been hotter — and we’re not just talking about the temperature of the plasma. Plasma cutting is a process used to manipulate metal (usually steel); it involves an inert gas fed through an electric arc. As the technology (invented during WWII) continues to improve, more and more people are getting into plasma cutting. Your business needs to find ways to stand out from the crowd. There’s plenty of good news, however. Your professional skills as a plasma cutter have […]

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How to Find a Good House Painter Using Social Media

When my friends’ fence got damaged in a wind storm, she asked via Facebook whether any of her friends knew any good fencers. I posted a link to the United States Olympic Fencing Team, just for a laugh. But I’m making the point that social media can be a great place to get information on people when you need services. How do businesses use social media? Any business that’s keeping up with the times will have social media pages. They’ll probably have at least a […]

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5 Travel Apps You’ll Want to Use

There are so many travel apps today, it’s hard to choose just five. So we’re going to exclude the obvious ones like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Gowalla, Foursquare, Instagram, Google Earth/Maps — worthy as they are — for some you may not be aware of just yet. 1. Pingspot Pingspot is basically a virtual pin board that flags favorite restaurants and shops. By pinging the places you visit, you can leave a photo and a recommendation for your friends — and they can do the same […]

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3 Reasons Why Audio Content Improves Your Blog

There are two sides to creating web content: the creative side of actually producing something worth posting and the social side or finding people to view it, respond, and share. To be a successful blogger, you have to be good at both sides. If you ever find yourself struggling to improve your blog or online presence, or you just want to try something new, giving audio content a shot might just be the boost you’re looking for. Here’s three reasons why you might need audio […]

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